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The moment you come to hear the word  Chennai immediately you think of three things, one is the people, who are really sweet. Second is the culture which is enhancing. The last but not the least is food. Here is the food blog which says exclusively, about the best street food including savories and juice shops in and around “Namma Chennai”. When we come across the hyper side of the city, we get to notice about the important and buzzing spot of the city called thirumayilai or cordially known as Mylapore where if you call “Mama” you could gather at least more than 10 iyer athu mama’s and also which has a name for kapaleeshwar and serene spiritual temples, But even though having all these things what is spl in mylapore ?? Having a question in our minds we went through the pavements of mylapore from  “Ramakrishna matt” to “Mandaveli” where we found out that Mylapore holds a record of having one of the best  place in chennai vaasi’s minds to live through. To start out our foodie process in a light manner we went to Abirami juice centre. Why juice??? Because it was a sunny evening as we travelled so long from a “X” part of the city we were immensely tired so thought of relaxing ourselves. So we went to this juice shop named Abirami juice shop which was moreover the size of, half of a normal small shop. Everything over there was scenical, A guy having a tamil news paper in his hands and a sacred thread on his shoulders with an old specs and a very old song being played, out his legs down on seeing us, indeed we asked for badam milk which he replied saying sorry it’s not available. After which he himself favoured us with an option of serving rose milk. With a an idea of being so thirsty we went with his option. So he begins to take an old glass bottle with a picture of rose being struck around the bottle and some actions which provoked us that yes he is doing something. Within few minutes he mixed all quantities together and presented a rose milk with some ice creaks in that. With a small smile he gave us the rose milk. We were so amazed to look at that shop which must never be estimated after drinking that nectar of Rose Milk. We asked for the price, He said 20 RS which was one of my fully satisfied 20 RS which i gave to one of the shop keeper. After giving it to that guy we moved on. Juice which adds flavour to our meal was been fully satisfied by that guy to us with an eternal love with which we continued our journey. Stay tuned for more updates about namma chennai and our very own Mylapore.


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